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Inspired by loved ones, spirits, mystical creatures, lost lands, fairy tales, and the Universe.

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The making of the tarot deck

We made this deck with love, care, and consideration for every little aspect of its creation. Featuring silhouettes this tarot deck is a clear gateway into the unseen world and one's own subconscious. It’s free of any limits and focuses on the true essence of the soul. Designed to act as a medium through which you can communicate with deceased loved ones, ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and of course, your own higher self, it serves as a portal for divine connections and the reception of important messages, whether for spiritual growth, shadow work, or everyday life.



Connecting to the sacred sites

When you gaze upon this deck, you might sense a touch of nostalgia intertwined with tenderness and appreciation. It's our anthem to the past, an attempt to preserve the memory of long-forgotten spirits and their mysteries. By incorporating symbolic representations of deities, sacred sites, figure outlines, and magical signs, this tarot deck provides a clear route to a mysterious realm overflowing with wisdom and guidance. The deck can assist you in accessing your Akashic records and information regarding your previous or future lives, and is intended to serve as a conduit for communication between you and your higher self, ancestors, spirit guides, and departed loved ones.



The making of the runic deck

Designed to be a tool that helps to tap into the ancient wisdom and healing power that is already within you. Each card contains insightful, multi-layered messages that allow you to see multiple perspectives on the same concept.

Featuring soft shades, the deck is made to be nurturing and kind through the cartomancy journey.

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These cards are absolutely stunning. Very sturdy and I love the smooth texture. I could feel the energy as soon as I first let them rest in my hands--haven't been able to keep my hands off of them, so I know they are meant for me. Thank you! 
Jill, USA



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