Eco-Consciousness, Sustainability, and a human touch

We strive to reduce our environmental impact and help animals in need. 


  • Since the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), we'd like to emphasize that everything we make is made by humans (we are two people team). We have never used and will never use AI. We use computer (our work is mixed media) to complete the images, but never AI!


  • We create our decks with FSC-certified (responsibly & sustainably) sourced paper stock and cardboard materials.
  • Our materials are PEFC-certified (sustainably managed forests, recycled and controlled sources).
  • Independently and locally published in small orders.
  • All our products are designed and crafted in Europe.

Caring for The Earth & Animals

  • We help plant trees via nonprofit organizations whose mission is to restore nature.
  • We donate a small percentage of the profit to animal shelters each month.
  • We contribute 0.5% of your purchase to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.*

*applied with most of the payment options.