Step into the realm of the Unseen World Tarot to explore the depths of the spirit world and your subconscious mind. Receive messages from your departed loved ones, ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and higher self. Facilitate divine connections and accept the most important messages for significant spiritual growth or daily life.



Dedicated to all the loved ones who are watching over us, and my Dad, because he believed there is more to what we see.

Story Behind It

An intuitive nudge to create this tarot deck came to me years ago. But it was only completed after my beloved father’s passing. My dad crossed to the other side right after the New Year of 2021, unexpectedly losing the fight against the virus. A few months later, as the intoxicating darkness began to lift and Spring brought in more light, an overwhelming desire to rediscover my true self and reconnect with the Spirit world emerged. Hope had always been my driving force, and I did not want to lose it. So I let go and allowed myself to be guided, which not only inspired me to finish this project but also gave it new life. What you see as the finished product is a labor of love, published in collaboration with my beloved husband.


         An additional blank "Ritual Card" that you'll find in the box can be used to write a mantra, a ritual, or an affirmation for deck protection or something to be read before each reading to get you in the right state. It should be used for personal ritual creation.

The 79th card in the deck is intended for tarot readings.

Connect With The Spirit World

  • The Unseen World Tarot deck is a 79-card tarot deck that includes 78 traditional cards with the Major and Minor Arcana, as well as 1 additional card and a ritual setting card.
  • This magical tarot deck comes with a small guidebook and is ideal for both tarot beginners and advanced readers who use the Rider Waite system or their intuition as their primary technique.
  • The deck is full of vibrant colors and symbolism. Every flower, animal, or sign has an association with traditional card energy, but it also adds a new layer to a common meaning. High-quality printing in Europe, premium cardstock, and lamination ensure the deck's vibrancy and quality.


The Unseen World Tarot is first deck we've ever created 🖤 

Colorful version (we call it "original", or "standard edition") was launched in 2021. Then we launched "Casablanca" edition (black/white version).


79 Card-Deck

Plus a  additional "Ritual Card"

Matte Finish

High quality matte finish

Velvet Lamination

Premium velvet lamination to keep cards durable. Smooth to touch

Full Color

4+4 print. Vibrant colors


Sturdy, durable, but easy-to-handle cardstock

Authentic Size

2,75 x 4,72 inches (70 x 120mm)


Comes with a sturdy box to keep cards safe


Colored 20-page little guidebook

Cleansing & Charging

Before shipping, each deck is cleansed with sound using a Tibetan singing bowl and charged with Reiki energy.

With care from the beginning till end...

Printed in Europe

Everything is printed in Lithuania, using high-quality materials

Carefully packaged

Packed carefully and with love for safe shipping


Every order plants a tree